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Ларин Владимир Александрович


Адрес: Новосибирск, ул.Нарымская, д.23

+7 показать телефон+7 (923) 240-30-74

Сайт: boblarin.com

English version

Latin American

Center In Siberia


Gentlemen (and Ladies, too, of course):


My name is Vladimir Larin. I decided to open this Latin American Center in Siberia for all our big region including Far East of Russia, the whole territory of those two regions can be compared with the territory of Canada and is bigger than Brazil. I decided to open such center because I am very interested in the life of Latin America, I study and I like the culture of its countries and I learn Spanish.


The aim of this Center will be to collaborate all the Spanish speaking, Latin American and the so-called Iberia countries (including Spain and Portugal) in the sphere of:


-- Trade and business

-- Academic and educational exchange

-- Scientific collaboration

-- Culture (cultural affairs and collaboration)

-- Studying Spanish and Russian

-- Tourism


Let us examine each of these points in details.


-- Trade and business. The countries of South and Central

America are very rich. Especially they are rich of resources that are needed for Russia. They supply the world market  not only with valuable minerals, but also with foodstuffs and provisions of high quality, with medicaments, fur and a lot of other things. And all these if not to mention that their nature and cultural life are unique, especially for Russians. In their's turn they need the import of machinery, oil, raw material stuff, metals, steel, consumer goods, scientific technologies and not only. And the capital of our region, Siberia, the city of Novosibirsk, where I am going to found a Center of All the Spanish Speaking Countries, is also a capital of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. There are more than 200 scientific research institutes and scientific organizations of different types located in our city, from the institute of nuclear physics and the institute of cytology and genetics to an institute of oil, geology and geophysics. We have also many institutes that specialize in the sphere of computer and computational technologies. Besides, there are many plants and production units in our city, that produce steel of high quality and produce airplanes (AN-38, AN-38-120, SU-24 and others). Siberia is very rich for minerals and resources and there is a lot of oil, and coal, and wood of high quality, and also the furs of different animals and a lot of valuable plants, a rare flora.


¨ -- Academic and educational exchange and collaboration.

There are a lot of institutes and a lot of scientists in our region, as I have already mentioned, and consequently a lot of students. There are more than 20 universities in Novosibirsk and also there are many other educational institutions of higher learning. There are many of them in other Siberian cities also. We could conclude a covenant with you, by which our students would come to you to study at your universities. They would go there with great pleasure. It would compel our students study Spanish actively and study the culture of Latin American countries, to read books about it, to communicate and exchange experience. Me personally want them to learn Spanish more than English now. Besides, we could open a number of Spanish-speaking sub-faculties in our universities. We have many American centers in our city that give educational programs for students and scientists. And why not to make the same Spanish and South American centers? Spanish language is an alternative for English, and Latin America is an alternative for the USA.


¿ -- Scientific collaboration. Our institutes are constantly working
up into new technologies and inventions, which are useful and applicable in the world science. Their inventions are applied in industry, in the sphere of computational technologies, mechanical engineering and machine-building, in medicine, physics, agriculture, in private life and in science. We have institutes that make simulators for cosmonauts and are engaged in cosmic research. There is also a headquarters of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Agricultural Science in our city, with great potential, and the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. At a distance of 20 kilometers from the center of the city a unique Science City under the name Koltsovo is situated. This Science City is one of the 3 in whole Russia. It was Russian President Vladimir Putin, while visiting Novosibirsk last year, who ordered to name this city a Science City. In this city there is a scientific research institute of virology, biotechnology and molecular biology, of Russian Academy of Sciences. This institute researches and produces vaccines against many dangerous and fatal illnesses. For example, it invented a vaccine against the atypical pneumonia. Our scientists research geology, oil, earth minerals, medicine, and they also need rare minerals from South America (for industry, science, mechanical engineering, etc.). We could exchange our scientific experience with you, and an exchange of the technologies that both of us need.


Ÿ -- Culture (cultural affairs and collaboration). We also have

scientists that are engaged in cultural research. But not only scientists. The culture of South American countries will be very interesting for Russians and the inhabitants of Siberia. Everybody heard about Incas, Mayas and Aztecs, about their astonishing astrology and beliefs. And who did not hear even once about legendary mate? The people saw films, watched photoes, but they become just much interested in how people live in South America, because of it. In our city we could make a great exhibition and even sell different Indians (Cholo's) ware and rare South American wonders. We have many theatres (more than 20) and let your troupes come to us, show your dramatic art and literary works. We will translate everything and organize their performances. We have philharmonics, and let your performers and ethnical consorts come to us. The people will not be indifferent to it. As far as we are concerned, we have many theatrical troupes, composers and performances, and also we have ethnical Altai and Shorical peoples, which are much alike with South American Indians.


þ -- Studying Spanish and Russian. It would be also great if

our students could come to you to learn Spanish, and yours will come to us to learn Russian.


-- Tourism. We have a lot of valuable earth minerals, but not so

much of sun and we have no sea. Russians will go to not expensive cruises to South and Central America, where there are a lot of sun, fruits, there is a beautiful nature and a lot of beautiful people and women. Russians also know about South America by films, TV-series and books by South American writers, like Julio Cortazar, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others. We would be also very glad if somebody from the warm South American Countries visit us. We have snow, rare and unique nature and flora, Altai mounts, sanatoriums and health-centers, a lot of medicinal grasses, tourist centers for skiers, taiga, brown and white bears (the latter only at the Far North of our country).


I hope for the establishment of collaboration in all these spheres.


All the further details we could discuss later, after your principal agreement for collaboration.

I hope for your participation in this undertaking and I am waiting for your quick reply!


Thank you very much for the attention.


Yours sincerely --


Vladimir Larin,

Latin American Project In Siberia director and executive



I will also tell you my telephone and address:

Mobile phone No: +7 923 240 30 74. ÈTime zone: + 7 GMT.


œPostal Address: 630089, Россия, город Новосибирск, п/о 89, до

востребования, Ларину Владимиру Александровичу.


The same in English spelling:       

630089, Rossiya, gorod Novosibirsk, p/o 89, do vostrebovania, Larinu Vladimiru Alexandrovichu.

E-mail: centro-latino@mail.ru , boblarin@yahoo.com .